Who is kenny anderson dating

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"I wasn't even 30 and I found myself in the midst of a crisis.All I'd had was a band, and suddenly I had no band; nothing." He shrugs softly as we leave the car and head towards the striking Crail coast.He is the founder of the cult independent label Fence Records and its ramshackle offspring, the critically lauded collection of nu-folk musicians known as the Fence Collective.Even beyond the peninsula, Anderson has become a cult figure; famed for nurturing the talents of the Domino-signed James Yorkston and the crossover-queen KT Tunstall."But I was at such a low frame of mind that I just didn't care what they thought any more." Relieved of his inhibitions, Anderson poured his deepest (and darkest) emotions into visceral songs, flooding them with brutal honesty, unbridled passion and new life. "I told myself, either get your life in order or give up on music.But I soon realised that the second option wasn't possible. So I had no choice but to make my music work." Anderson embarked on a course of antidepressants.As the sun breaks through the clouds we settle on a stone bench high up on a hill overlooking the sea."This is one of my favourite spots," smiles Anderson.

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Roman chatted with TT Torrez, in the first interview since the Basketball Wives reunion, and talked about everything from Shaunie O’Neal pimpin the cast to whether she stole Kenny Anderson from Spinderella or not.

"But 10 years ago, I could have sat here and wanted to hurl myself off because I would just see the bad in everything.

I'd look out at the sea and I'd see rubbish floating about, boats flushing oil out into the water.

While this film will certainly appeal to sports fans, it will also touch everyone who has experienced the roller coaster of life.” The BMG Brokers production was produced by Barry Greenstein and written, produced and directed by Jill Campbell.

"My connection with Kenny was imperative in capturing his journey to uncover the emotionally broken pieces of his past, so he could rediscover his footing in his relationships and career for a brighter future," Campbell said.

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