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I wish it were different and I do fantasise about rekindling our emotional intimacy, but I wouldn’t know where to start,’ she adds.

Where once husbands and wives might have stayed together for the sake of the children, these days it’s just as likely to be inertia or the mortgage that stops them splitting up.

Relationship coach Francine Kaye, who runs uk, says she increasingly encounters couples whose dealings with one another are purely practical rather than emotional.Neither of them has truly adapted to life outside No 10.’ However, there are some early-warning signs that you’re not just going through a phase, and all may not be well at a deeper level.When it’s been months since you had a conversation that didn’t revolve round the builders then it’s time to take stock; once you no longer discuss the minutiae of your day, no matter how trivial, you start to lose a connection.She is his second wife and they have been married for 11 years.‘Michael had an affair two years ago and he knows I know about it, but we’ve never said a word, because neither of us wants the marriage to end.

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