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Acknowledgement – in order to get a uniform type of image and size, I have primarily used the Japanese Domestic Watch volumes as a source, I wish to give due acknowledgement and credit here.

With the new case number system, a new model number format was also instigated: 12-3456.2) In the above example you can see how the case number relates very clearly to the movement (7200) 3) ‘STAR’ has now been dropped, and the manufacturer’s name is more prominent.Later watches have ‘Citizen Watch Co’ rather than just ‘Citizen’ As ever, there are variations on this theme – some models, I think only in the Seven Star range, have a ‘horseshoe’ track rather than a full circle, and some backs have no model information – the X8 Cosmotron on the right is marked ‘transistorized’ reflecting the application of new technology, but is not marked ‘parawater’ or ‘water resistant’: Some backs are simpler, with no outer ‘track’ – the Cosmotron on the right below also has a different type of case / model combined number which uses the full movement designation as its first part; it’s also now marked ‘water resistant’ and ‘electronic’ rather than transistorized’: The Seven Star on the left below has the case number in the outer track, echoing the ‘transitional’ format, and on the right a black coated Custom V2 also has a coated back (others had stainless steel backs): Serial Numbers and Production Dates: Dating a vintage Citizen watch is relatively straightforward when it has a serial number on the case back.Gold filled watches were also marked to show the quality of the gold used, e.g ’14K’ 3) ‘Stainless Back’ – the case back material is often stamped, particularly when the case is of a different material.4) General & Specific Model Names – in this example the general model range is Homer, which is gleaned from the movement name.

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