Validating xml against dtd in java

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Set fso = Nothing Set xml Doc = Nothing End Sub Main is not valid Element 'cost' is unexpected according to content model of parent element 'book'. URL: file:///C:/temp/Code: -1072898028 Line: 9 Char: 13 Text: The script can also perform validation on multiple XML files with .xml, .xsd, or extensions.

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One thing you may have heard about XML is that it lets the system developer define custom tags.

With a nonvalidating parser, you certainly have that ability.

This is part of the XML 1.0 specification, and allows one to describe and verify that a given document instance conforms to the set of rules detailing its structure and content.

The validation process and building DTDs are the two most difficult parts of the XML life cycle.The set Error Handler() method invokes an object of Doucment Builder.Enable the set Validating() method of the factory to "true".It is just a set of basic rules, and definitely not exhaustive nor usable for complex DTD design.Assuming the top element of the document is allows validation of the document(s) against a given DTD.

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