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“I was invited to Toronto as you said, and they brought me to this mansion, and I was talking to flowers, orchestrating some sort of play with the flowers, talking to trees, building a throne out of twigs and just doing a lot of improvisation and ballet in the middle of the garden.It was the most interesting audition I’ve ever done in the best way.I thought I did a terrible job, I thought I’d never get the role because I was like, ‘No, I didn’t do as well as I thought I could’ve,’ and then I got the part and I was so shocked!” boasts a uniquely greyed color palette, eschewing the classic, romantic golden-hour look for a more earth-bound aesthetic, a decision made both by Walley-Beckett and Caro, who directs Walley Beckett’s personal favorite episode. Together with her, we determined the style that we wanted to go for and that we wanted it to be cinematic, that we wanted it to look like a Jane Campion feature, and that we wanted it to have a documentary-level of real.

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It’s that same modernity that drew star Amy Beth Mc Nulty to the role, who first read the book at nine-years-old, at the behest of her mother.

If we don’t fully understand who Anne is, where she came from, what her obstacles are, how can we invest as deeply in who she is now, what she’s overcoming, what she wants and needs?

” The darkness of the series will no doubt be divisive for some viewers, particularly those comparing the show to its prior incarnations, as our own Allison Keene found its new tonal cast strangely distancing and a bit puzzling given the exuberance of the character herself, but it seems equally likely that the decision to characterize Anne so comprehensively will help to charm audiences back.

It’s a gutsy choice to punctuate a series known for its capricious charm and unadulterated genuine heart with such darkness, but it’s one that Walley-Beckett felt was inevitable, citing the darkness at the center of the Anne’s life as inextricably linked with the source material.

“I first read the book, I think, when I was about twelve and really identified with Anne.

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