Update wii shop without updating system

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Steve was having some problems that he diagnosed as a poor power supply, so he built his own regulated supply, and included the schematic for that as well. i saw in the comments you had already seen my wireless follow focus at phillipjamesproductions and I wanted to stop by and say that this turned out great.

Keep me posted on your progress, and check back here as you work because I've made some improvements to my code that I will post here when I'm done testing it. The lens I primarily used with this rig is an f3.5 Nikkor 28-85mm zoom, which is mounted to my camera with a Nikon FD to 4/3 adapter.It says the nunchuck_setpowerpins() was not declared. Thanks for the complement, I've seen your project and I plan to use your xbee wireless implementation when I'm ready to add that capability to my controller.from what i understood from some research is that is the bit of code that defines the analog pins as power/gnd/data etc. As for the problem with getting the Wii Classic Demo to compile, I had the same problem, and I just commented out the nunchuck_setpowerpins(); line - I don't need it because I wired my Wii Chuck adapter directly to VCC (power) and ground on my Arduino, so I didn't need to configure the output pins.The total cost of the final product is less than 0.When you're done playing and teaking and satisified that your own version of my controller will work for you, it's time to make it all permanent, pretty, and easy to mount and dismount.

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