Tranvestite dating outlook exchange stuck updating inbox

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Their names should be household words." He hopes that through Netflix streaming his film, Johnson and Rivera’s legacy will live on and viewers will understand how great of an impact these two women had on the gay and transgender community.

Tur was firm in stating that he daughter is not 'transphobic' when speaking about the rift between the two, explaining: 'It’s that her hero father has become this. At another point in the interview Tur, who has been very vocal in her disgust for Trump over the course of his campaign, said of Katy: 'My daughter is the reporter following Trump for NBC News.

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And they deserve each other.'It’s the Donald Trumps and the Pat Robertsons and the Bill O’Reillys and the Megyn Kellys and the Shawn Hannitys that have created a toxic environment where if you grow up a Muslim, black, Hispanic, gay, you hate yourself.

Trump, said Tur, along with people like Megyn Kelly, Bill O'Reilly, Phil Robertson and Shawn Hannity, 'have created a toxic environment where if you grow up a Muslim, black, Hispanic, gay, you hate yourself because everywhere you seem to turn you are just being disparaged.'Tur admitted that she has never personally faced an issue or problem in her own life when it comes to using restrooms, but stated the fears she had about some of the rhetoric being used by those against the measure.

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