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They embrace their religion, respecting it but also keeping an open mind.

So they are Muslims, but not in a strict, ultra-conservative way.

Consult the Department of Health page linked below for post-1848 marriage records filed at the state level.

The State Archives' holdings vary from county to county.

You obviously need to be smart about this and separate the curious locals from the "comfort" women - the latter being interested only in how much cash you're carrying.

Morocco is a Muslim country, but you'd never think that when you look at the girls here.

Unlike Western girls you'll find that your Moroccan date makes a real effort to enjoy her evening with you, combining charm with a winning sense of humor.Your new Moroccan girlfriend will have no issue with asserting herself from the very start of your relationship, but in a positive way.You can expect her to become your best friend, and your wife, if you’re lucky enough for that to happen.That will be followed with a discussion about when they can move in with you.Moroccan families are very tightly knit, so be prepared for this.

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