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Tags: 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties, aggressive tax avoidance, alimony claims, Alligator Head Foundation Jamaica, Appleby, Appleby Spurling & Kempe, Appleby Trust Cayman Limited, art collection, Austria, Bermuda, Bermudan trust, Bonn Art Museum, British Virgin Islands, Broadway, Cayman Islands, COP23, core missions, Czech Republic, defunct aristocratic dynasties, disaster management, family fortune, Favorita Investment Limited Malta, feudal conditions, Fragonard art sub-trust, Francesca Habsburg-Thyssen, Francesca Thyssen, Francesca von Habsburg, Georg Thyssen, George W Bush, German academia, Heini Thyssen, industrial fortune, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Jamaica, Jewish slave labourers, Margit Batthyany-Thyssen, media, Michael Crystal, oceans, offshore financial instruments, online strategy, Paradise Papers, philanthropic feudalism, pollution, PR-challenges, Prescott Bush, public funds, Queen's Counsellors, Rechnitz Castle, Resnicow and Associates, Robert Ham, Second World War, self-promotion, socio-cultural activities, solicitors, Spanish tax payers, sponsorship, SS, Switzerland, tax evader, tax liabilities, TBA21-Academy, TBG Holdings Limited Bermuda, The Thyssen Art Macabre, Thyssen Bornemisza Group (TBG) AG Zurich, Thyssen-Bornemisza art collection, transparency, UNFCCC, Union Banking Corporation, United Kingdom, United Nations, United Nations Convention on Climate Change First published in 1941, the book ‘I Paid Hitler’, whose authorship Fritz Thyssen both claimed and denied at different times, has recently been republished in Spain by Editorial Renacimiento of Seville, with a foreword by Juan Bonilla, under the title ‘Yo Pagué a Hitler’. Seventy-six years ago, the work was brokered, edited and largely written by a highly intelligent Jewish, formerly Hungarian literary hustler by the name of Emery Reves (Imre Révész), who made a great deal of money from such things; much of it from subsequently representing Winston Churchill’s literary and journalistic endeavours.With the encouragement of Reves, the considerably less intelligent Fritz Thyssen attempted to convince his readers that he deserved admiration for his courage in opposing allied First World War reparation demands on Germany.She also began referring to herself as an ‘executive producer’ and ‘agent of change’.Soon her London-based organisation TBA21-Academy was said to be ‘curating a top level conference at the Bonn Art Museum’ (a publicly funded organisation!Indeed on page 319 of our book we quoted his astonishingly frank statement word for word: The most intensive part of this masterclass came when Heini chose to take his son Heini Junior (Georg Thyssen) to court, in order to break up a Bermudan trust and regain control of the family fortune.This was not only a structure that had been designed to make such disassembly as difficult as possible and thus protect the fortune from alimony claims, irresponsible siblings and, in Heini’s case, his own extravagance, but it was also meant to minimise its exposure to tax liabilities.The apple seemed not to have fallen far from the tree and her father’s influence possibly continued to affect Francesca Thyssen’s exposure – or not, as the case may be – to tax in Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Jamaica or anywhere else she may see fit to lay her head.

So I offered to go on their behalf, in the knowledge that the very rich rarely do anything for themselves, even collect art; preferring to have others do things on their behalf.It was in Bermuda that Caroline and I got to know Heini’s barristers, Queen’s Counsellors Michael Crystal and Robert Ham and their local solicitors, Appleby Spurling & Kempe; experts in tax efficient, financial logistics – and in whose gardens we would complete each day’s activities with refreshing bottles of chilled champagne.Then, more recently, I was reminded once again of their existence when a vast cache of their highly privileged clients’ records were mysteriously leaked to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists from the offices of what had now been rebranded as simply Appleby.Or if she is held accountable for fulfilling her promise of assisting in locating the graves of one hundred and eighty Jewish slave labourers put to death by the SS ‘guests’ of her Aunt Margit Batthyany-Thyssen in the grounds of the family’s Rechnitz castle in 1945.Meanwhile, one should perhaps be reminded that the last time there was a Thyssen financial interest on Broadway was during the Second World War, when it was the location of the Thyssen family’s Union Banking Corporation in which they and, so it was rumoured, a number of prominent Nazi party members kept a few million emergency dollars, and Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W Bush, was a director!

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