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Aired 6-7p ET • Rubio a 'No' on Tax Bill, Other GOP Votes in Doubt; Deputy A. Aired 6-7p ET • Source: NYC Bombing Suspect Pledged Allegiance to ISIS; Trump Accusers Speak Out, Demand Congressional Probe.

Footage from the demonstrations and counter-protests on August 12 show Preston allegedly firing his gun towards a black man.In total, law enforcement, which included 125 local police officers, hundreds of National Guard soldiers, state police, and cops from neighboring municipalities made a total of just eight arrests on August 12. Eze Amos, a resident of Charlottesville who is originally from Nigeria, said he was snapping a picture of a white nationalist protester wearing an Adolf Hitler shirt.That was the day of the ‘Unite the Right’ rally, which brought out counter-demonstrators, one of whom, Heather Heyer, was killed when a suspected neo-Nazi, James Fields, allegedly drove his car into a crowd. Other counter-demonstrators complained to police that they were assaulted, yet no arrests were made. As he was taking the picture, the nationalist punched his camera, which then ricocheted into his face.‘This happened right in front of the cops,’ Amos told the Times.‘I said, “Hey, this man just assaulted me!Lee stands.‘They didn’t follow through on any part of their plan,’ an alt-right figure who goes by the name Eli Mosley told the Times.‘They threw the whole thing away without telling us.’‘Looking back, we think it was nefarious,’ he said.‘The local government is very left wing, and they didn’t want anyone protesting the statue coming down.'‘I believe this was somewhat of a trap in some ways,’ he said.‘We went there peacefully and were attacked, because we were forced to get past that gauntlet of counter-protesters.’Daniel Borden, 18, (left) was arrested in Ohio Friday and charged with malicious wounding in connection with the assault on Harris.

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