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Here's a racist hand dryer — it's proximity sensor simply doesn't work on dark skin!

Engineers with untested assumptions about the human subjects of their machines can wreak havoc.) All of this is pretty horrific — so far, so 2017 — but I'd like to throw two more web pages in your face.

A paper to be presented at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops (ICCVW) introduces a deep-learning algorithm that can identify an individual even when part of their face is obscured.

The system was able to correctly identify a person concealed by a scarf 67 percent of the time against a "complex" background.

We've seen glaring evidence of Russian tampering in the recent US presidential election, including bulk buying of micro-targeted facebook ads, not focussing on particular candidates but on party-affiliated hot-button issues such as race, gay rights, gun control, and immigration."The research specifically set out to discover what pushed a handful of individuals to join violent extremist groups, when many others facing similar sets of circumstances did not.This specific moment or factor is referred to as the 'tipping point'.Folks, Amazon wouldn't be offering this product if there wasn't a market for it.These heaps and drifts of retained data (and metadata) can be subjected to analytical processes not yet invented — historic data is still useful.

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