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He has a diploma in electrical engineering and has been a Senior Under officer at the NCC.

Although he has the capability and experience to work with various materials, he enjoys wood for its versatility. Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Initially a relatively straightforward student - ‘All I did was staying in my dorm and studying like a good little teachers’ pet!

A maker by heart, Ranjitha is just the kinda personople (our kinda personople) you don’t want to see slogging away in the deep recesses of some office dungeon.

He studied Engineering Biotechnology from Manipal Institute of Technology and has worked in areas ranging from beer brewing, to the downstream processing of menthol and the production of biofuel from algae.

She led Kali-Kalisu, a joint initiative of the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan and India Foundation for the Arts staying grounded to grassroots work.

As Founder Director of Open Minds Education Initiatives initiated an alternate pre-school in Shivamogga.

His first question every time he meets people who introduce themselves as engineers is "what have you engineered?

" The blank looks that invariably followed convinced him of the need to build an institution that could rekindle the spark of creative productivity in what he calls an inert society.

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