New york dating getting out of hand

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I can only take on so much, and I don't need the FOMO that comes along with being able to select just one or two options tonight from a spread of like, 4,512,156 — because that's 4,512,154 things I didn't get to experience.

I never felt fancier than when I first moved away and hadn't slacked my own wardrobe protocol yet.

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None of these arbitrary rules New York restaurants randomly invent actually exist elsewhere. Since you don't have to walk one mile to the subway and one mile back, those insanely cute hand-me-down pumps you carried for years only to collect dust are now a real and viable option. It took just three weeks to burn a hole right through my Toms in New York. And even if you don't have a car, you probably don't have several flights of stairs to conquer before getting into your apartment, and then a handful of roommates with whom you gotta share limited storing space. And drinking that heavily that often is gonna take its toll at some point.Let me start off by saying that New York is a spectacular place to live, especially if you're a young person with creative career goals.While it was never part of my personal life plan, I followed my college boyfriend here some years back, and soon found myself calling the Big Apple "home." The scenery, the crazy pace, the endless opportunities ...Far less people regularly rock heels and — get ready for this — people wear freaking pajamas to the grocery store.Not that I'm adopting pajamas as public wear just yet (and hopefully this never actually happens), but if you have to meet a friend out and don't feel like doing your whole ~routine~, you certainly don't have to.

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