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I’ve been getting questions lately from some very frustrated fans who have been unable to find out anything about what’s next for Tabatha.Since Season 5 wrapped in June 2013 there has been no word from Bravo about Season 6. Arshi shows him Hiten, he says nice, he is not moving an inch. Shilpa says they didnt let me cook today, they threw me out, I am strong. Mom brings her to kitchen and asks what you cooked today? Priyank says there was nothing between me and Ben so what should I accept? Hina cries and hugs him, she says please take me with you, I love you. Hina says you are getting lost, you have to stick to one girl. So, although I can only apologize that I don’t have any concrete confirmations to report, I figured it would be worth investigating to at least pass along all of the information and considerations currently available.Regular readers know I’m always saying that the single biggest determining factor for a show’s chances of renewal are ratings.

Arshi asks him to use onion, Aakash says dont shout, dont annoy.

Shilpa says to Vikas that he talked about language of Hina. Hiten says dont say that, Vikas says she wouldnt glare at him, she didnt do it. Everyone comes to meet Shilpa’s mother, Hina offers her juice, Vikas brings sweets for her. Priyank says to Shilpa when Bigg boss asked her mother to leave and didnt release Shilpa. I dont know about you but from my side, it was genuine, she cries. Vikas says it was someone else, his plan in every reality show is this, Roadies was different and here it was different, now he is caught in his game, Hina says I thought this was the girl from US. Priyank is crying, Hina tries to talk to him but he leaves.

Arshi hugs Hina, Priyank hugs her and says I am sorry. Arshi says you are cheap woman, you were even glaring at my father, I am your enemy so you will hate my father too? Aakash comes to camera and says Shilpa needs this show, keep her here. play well, I wish we could talk, everyone call us fake now, it was not fake.. Hina says to Vikas that he was talking about Divya yesterday. Puneesh says to Aakash that he traps a new girl in every reality show so she came here, told him you were flirting with Ben and I was with you in Splitsvilla, Aakash asks how does she look? Luv says she said that nobody is Priyank’s friend here?

Priyank says before show, we decided to break up then it got over. Puneesh says to Shilpa that his girlfriend was scolding and taunting him so much and he was sitting there statue because he wants luxury budget and coffee? Hina says but you were running behind her like you are so guilty.

Hina says I told you it would look same outside as it looked to us in house. Priyank says thats why I ran to talk to her, Luv says then you could have shouted what are you saying? Hina says I missed you so much, he makes her wear ring on ring finger and says I lost my heart to you, I love you.

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