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A study on the biomechanics of phalangeal curvature concluded that “the strain differences between curved and straight phalanges illustrated here support the common assertion that phalangeal shaft curvature is related to the strains associated with arboreal and especially suspensory activity …, and may underlie changes in curvature during ontogeny in response to changes in mechanical environments of arboreal and terrestrial supports”.Paleoanthropologist Lee Berger, of Wits University, is the leader of the Rising Star research team.

This distinctive mosaic of morphology has yet to be observed in any other hominin taxon and suggests the use of the hand for arboreal locomotion in combination with forceful precision manipulation typically used during tool-related behaviours.” hand is human-like, except for the markedly curved fingers, stated as “a clear functional indication that its fingers experienced high loads during grasping required for climbing or suspensory locomotion”.

The Lesedi Chamber is said to have produced 131 fossil specimens, thought to represent a minimum of three individuals (two adults and a juvenile).

This is a much smaller number than was earlier reported on for the Dinaledi Chamber (locality UW 101), of the same Rising Star cave system, said to so far have produced a minimum of 15 individuals, represented by more than 1550 fossil specimens.

Hence, if someone had a narrow upper thorax due to cretinism, as discussed in the rib cage section above, would that then conversely suggest the person would likely have a cranially-oriented glenoid and elevated (superior) shoulder?

Perhaps, but then it would have nothing to do with evolution, but rather a developmental pathology.

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