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On the brighter side, there are plenty of potential partners out there for parents: says 67 percent of men are interested in dating a single parent.And even if a relationship isn’t the end game, some still find parenthood erotic.There are other practical matters to consider that are bound to affect a budding romantic relationship.Whether you’re the primary caretaker, for one, and how much help your ex gives.Pornhub’s 2015 Year In Review notes the top searched term among male viewers is “stepmom.” “Milf” comes in third place, with “mom” following right behind. Apparently, it’s a perfectly porny time to be a parent, of any variety.on any online purchases to the contiguous states.In a study conducted by, an Irish parenting community website, 77 percent of dads on dating apps share photos of their children on their public profile. “Of course, some single parents prefer to be upfront with potential suitors; however, the text summary section of your Tinder profile allows you to do this without putting your children at risk to pedophiles trawling the internet,” says Laura Haugh, the company spokesperson.

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Fortunately, there’s good news for those who hate kid pics.

And there are also issues revolving around the parental title you wear.

While we continue to inch toward progress, we live in a society where moms are still expected to do more of the childrearing than dads.

My guess is that pedophiles have more reliable places to turn to for content than a dating app that may or may not have photos of kids floating around. Landing a single someone who is cool with your kids can be even harder.

That’s why a lot of single parents end up sticking with those in the same situation.

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