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I'd packed it with all sorts of suggestions, triggers, behavior modification stuff...sorry, is that your "How could you do that? She never actually saw the movie, she just followed the instructions on the disc that told her to remember watching it.) She even kissed me, which was more affection than she'd ever shown anyone ever in the two years I'd known her.Credits can be earned in various ways or, if wanted, you can buy them. Asa is a very new site but fans of this sexy Oriental babe should be pretty happy and excited about where this site is going.The exclusive content and mixture of themes is certainly an encouraging sign for this site and the action is well shot, well performed and Asa looks very hot indeed.I found an excuse to get her alone, and I said...well, I said something from the movie.That was the thing, all of the important words from the movie became triggers for certain behaviors.

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