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If the pointer is between two numbers always record the lower number.

If the pointer is directly on a number take that one.

You’ll have this kind of meter if you’re on an economy tariff. That means that the top reading here would be 67437.1 and the bottom reading would be 32554.0.

Sometimes, meters showing two rates are digital and only have one display.

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The quickest way to enter a meter reading is to use “My Flow” – your online account.

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If you’ve already registered just click the button below.

So in the picture the reading is 26730.6 ( include the small dial ) If the pointer falls between the 9 and the 0 make a record of 9 and reduce the reading you’ve already taken by one.

So, for example if you’ve originally recorded 5 as the number reduce it to a 4. The pointers on the dials spin round in a clockwise direction.

Different types of this kind of meter work in different ways.

You’ll see an identifier for the rate on the left hand side.

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