Donghae and eun seo really dating site dating a trinidadian man

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of course not all ELFs are going to be okay with this. All of us cling on to that one in a millionth chance of being with donghae. But even if they really had feelings, who are we to judge? But I just don't like the fact that he's going out with a girl who he barely knows..

like what the heck's with these people hating her for just a role?!?? I mean, come on, just admit it, you won't so crazy about someone if they don't have the look even they have a real talent. We don't know if Eun Seo and Donghae really liked each other, they could've been acting all this time for the show. We don't know them in real life so we can't be angry about it. I know donghae's gonna get married soon and I know he will.

When things do not go as plan, let us see what happens when they all have to spend a night in a hotel.

Lord Kim Heechul's constant headache is his younger brother's unmarriageable status.

Through good and bad, to the moment they have to let each other go.

Needless to say he was appalled when, on their first date, Donghae took him to the aquarium.

The slimmest chance in the world has be taken away. If you're a real ELF you would consider the fact that donghae wants to fall in love... like seriously, those people who are bashing her because of their idols being paired up to her just proves how stupid, immature and crazy bishes they are. I think it's fine to like someone because of their look. And then the went cycling together as well, there are many cute moments to that lovely couple.. who said anything about us ELFS not supporting them? i don't think you really get the idea of this "show". If donghae was really your bias then you'd be happy with whoever he goes with In wgm and support him all the w Ay. Ever heard the saying Don't judge a book by its cover. (not to be mean or anything) sooner Or later donghae has to get married somehow or someway Ha..... If he really likes her, we should support them together... Reality check yourself, theres a time for everything, suju members are not boys anymore they are MAN now! T I don't know i must hate you or not, but Please, stay away from Donghae, Please lol~ u guys make me laugh n i feel so weird that u think the idol will listen to a fan.real ppl.r just their song n their acting..their life doesnt concern us..i like watching reality show n i sometimes hate the celebrities.thats it..reason to say they doesnt suit each other.not like u ever met them in real life...n if u do, they will just see u as a the reality to u...=D you guys are crazy.

Can we just let donghae have the experience he's always wanted. And when they were electing class captains, eunseo was the only one that voted for minho. oh and just so you know, how do you know if donghae really likes her? Have you had a conversation or even met her in person. In my opinion you guys are the ones who need to grow up. I know some of the elfs are jealous but hey, think of hae's happiness.. Throw away your obsessive, childish streak and be an adult about this... My School, But I Like Donghae very much, please don't play we got married please, I already broken heart while you with minho, please don't make donghae your couple (target) too, Please T. Its not like you're going out with any suju members or shinee.

Chapter 1: OH MY CHICKEN (JINSON)Chapter 2: OLD ROM COMS (MARKSON)Chapter3: OPERATION APOLOGIZE ( NAMJIN)Chapter 4: LOST IN LOVE PT.1 ( JACKBUM)Chapter 5: TEDDY BEAR (JINGYEOM)Chapter 6: DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS GUY (JINSON) After 2 senior agents within the organization went MIA, Jung Yunho is assigned to their mission along with his partner, Kim Heechul. Donghae wanted something to change up his normal, boring, life he lived day after day.

However, after Heechul insists on a temporary leave to spend time with his fiancé, Yunho ends up partnered with the angst-ridden newbie, Shim Changmin. They said it themselves, "Our personalities are so different, but we understand each other."Perhaps it's not just the personalities that are different... When the company he works with is planning to move into a new building, he thinks that might be enough to excite his life for a little while.

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