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A male model becomes the target of the Japanese mafia in one show, and in the next, a victim of incest talks about how advocacy changed her life.They are all of the most articulate ilk, people who have done the hard work of thoughtful introspection and, without asking anything of the listener, they share themselves and what they’ve learned.Each installment takes listeners through personal failures and emotional responses to the total dedication it takes to attempt IVF and the isolation it often creates—the doctor’s appointments and hyperfocus on one’s body, the thoughtless things loved ones say without knowing better, and all the secrets you keep. The concept is simple: Tinder users are introduced, we hear a bit about their situation and interests, and then we listen to the host Jane Marie scroll through with guest comedians like Jason Mantzoukas or Aparna Nancherla. But on the rare occasion that it sounds like love’s beginnings, .There’s an awkwardness to the show, especially when the couple rehashes their arguments in chipper voices; we’re not sure if they’re the most in sync couple in America or the most passive aggressive. People who’ve been out of the game for awhile might be shocked by the way Tinder users present themselves and by the sheer range of choices these apps supply (trans, cis, ethical nonmonogamy, open relationships, unicorns, Spotify and Instagram link-outs, location services). It centers around a well-off family’s relationship to the show’s namesake, a narcissist named John, who bounces from wealthy wife to wealthy wife, with a woman named Debra Newell as his latest different from most of what you’ll hear elsewhere.Every other week, people who have experienced a massive disturbance in their life tell their stories uninterrupted, no questions, no music.Now, he routinely books guests who won’t, or don’t always, open up elsewhere: Kevin Durant, an NBA champion and typically a man of few words, for instance, showed up this year for a series of fascinating, raw interviews.Simmons’s talk with ’s Ta-Nehisi Coates is also a must-listen.

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She married John on a whim without a prenup and in secret because of the expressed objection of her daughters.

It’s not an allegory, and it won’t teach you a lesson. But as the audio equivalent of a page turner, it will keep you engaged, if a bit perplexed, from beginning to end.

Gateway Episode: “Part 1: The Real Thing” launched as a meta-narrative about the creation of its parent company, the podcast network Gimlet.

The show follows her train of thought, taking listeners through unexpected twists and turns where they find out flamingos can drink boiling-hot water, robust mite communities live on our faces, and why no one ever sees a living armadillo (it has to do with a phenomenon known as eye shine).

Lichtman has a fantastic sense of humor and a charming curiosity that seduces listeners into the topic du jour.

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