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Let me know via pm if you don't mind if the place passes the test as far as the accommodations and your overall ratings of this apartment, from 1 to 10. Okay, so let me try to ask the question more clearly: Is it unusual for the owner of a casa particular to not ask for the guest of the person who is renting to sign in? He did not tell me any restrictions, such as maintaining a list. And you say also that you spent one week with your novia.

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I'd refuse the operation, considering that I do not want other people operating on my brain in the sense that they would control my behavior and alter it. ", even google bows to the jewish hate group "adl", it's a pedo suicide rape bombist anthrax site?

Obviously your mileage may vary, depending on your familiarity with the surroundings, culture and language and certain areas are simply watched/patrolled much more heavily.

You answered your own question in the same post that you asked it. In any place in the world that you rent a room, hotel, apt, condo, house, you follow the rules of that particular place.

If you are referring to people from the lower socio economic ladder.

My response is not completely relevant to your question. I prefer an entire apartment because I am a rather private person.

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