Datagrid rowupdating event Hermafrodit photos

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In order to allow cell-by-cell changes, we need to commit each time the user moves from one cell to the next in the currently selected row.

The Data Grid exposes a Cell Edit Ending event which looks like a good candidate for this, from the event arguments we can locate the current Editing Element (i.e.

however this event does not tell us which cell we just left.

Although a simple combination of the two provides the effect we are after: With this change in place, changes are committed cell-by-cell and the two view remain synchronised: You can download an example project, wpfdatagridcellbycellcommits, changing the file extension from to I am Technology Director at Scott Logic and am a prolific technical author, blogger and speaker on a range of technologies.

The WPF Data Grid operates in a row-oriented manner making this a relatively straightforward scenario to implement.

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Then within the new method one can access controls within the Grid View row being edited by referencing the Row Index attribute of the Grid View’s Rows collection. Find Control("ddl Service Level List"), Drop Down List) Dim lbl Support Date As Label = CType(GVSupport Info.

So for example to reference a Drop Down List within the Grid View Row, use the syntax: Basically this is quite straightforward once one knows the syntax for referencing a control within a Grid View Row. Grid View Update Event Args) Dim lbl Service Level As Drop Down List = CType(GVSupport Info.

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