Cowboy boot carbon dating

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It was assumed that his guilt caused him to apparently shoot himself - and the case appeared to be solved.

Seven years earlier, she had been gang-raped by six men as a West Point cadet (in her sophomore year) during a nighttime training exercise when she became separated from her group. That you knew she was out there, that you went out and talked to her and left her there to die....She was staked down with tent pegs and ropes, spread-eagled, mock-raped (there was no semen found and after tests, no sign of rape), and strangled in the middle of a training compound field for urban warfare training.During the initial investigation, Brenner met with the base's Provost Marshal Colonel William Kent (Timothy Hutton) and the general's overprotective adjutant Colonel George Fowler (Clarence Williams III).Her rape was in the same manner she was found at the time of her death (held down with stakes in an isolated area) by men dressed in camouflage. I'm gonna have you court-martialed, General, under Article 32 for conspiracy to conceal a crime.[The gang-rape was committed by the 6 man recon squad led by Captain Bransford (Brad Beyer), who was fooled into confessing to the gang-rape.] She was hospitalized, and treated for venereal disease and pregnancy. When this all started, I told you that we would find the son of a bitch, sir.

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