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On the other hand, as the archives show, Einstein did not merely sign the letter to Roosevelt.

He was deeply involved in writing it, revising it, and deciding how to get it to the president.

Then Szilárd recalled that Einstein happened to be friends with that country’s Queen Elizabeth.“We knew Einstein was somewhere on Long Island, but we didn’t know precisely where,” Szilárd recalled.

So he phoned Einstein’s Princeton, New Jersey, office and was told he was renting the house of a Dr. On Sunday, July 16, 1939, they embarked on their mission with Wigner at the wheel (Szilárd, like Einstein, did not drive). “Do you, by any chance, know where Professor Einstein lives? Like most people in town, the boy did, and he led them up to a cottage near the end of Old Grove Road, where they found Einstein lost in thought. He asked a few questions and quickly grasped the implications.

Wigner, showing some sensible propriety, suggested that three refugees should not be writing a foreign government about secret security matters without consulting the U. With that plan in mind, Einstein dictated a draft in German.

Szilárd discussed the possibility with his friend Eugene Wigner, another refugee physicist from Budapest, and they began to worry that the Germans might try to buy up the uranium supplies of the Congo, which was then a colony of Belgium.

But how, they asked themselves, could two Hungarian refugees in America find a way to warn the Belgians?

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