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Author Gary Thomas explores the question, "What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?

See, the book is a collection of comic catchphrases as relationship advice. We don't know anything about the book, but seeing as it exists in Douglas Adam's universe, there's no doubt it was hilarious. Readers might have also considered picking up , Stan goes on a quest to take down John Edward. He has analyzed and watched (through in house cameras) so many couples interact throughout the years, that he can predict divorce – with 91 percent accuracy – after watching and listening to a couple for only five minutes! His book is an easy read, peppered with fascinating statistics, that is bound to offer something to every relationship.Don’t let the cover or title deter you if you haven’t taken that plunge into marital bliss (dare I use that word?), as Gottman’s seven principles will reveal must see signs and behaviours for every relationship, regardless of its legal state. The Erotic Mind by Jack Morin Morin explores uncharted territory in the dimensions of human sexuality.He proposes new ways of looking at our inner eroticism, as well as the psychology behind what breeds our desires, and what brings unity to our body and mind in order to reach true sexual fulfillment.

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